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Friday, July 29, 2011

Play MP3 Music Files In Linux

Mp3 is one of the audio files in music format. Average - average audio files to music is mp3. Music mp3 format because the quality is sufficient. to play the mp3 files we need mp3 player software and there is also a need decode (codec).

many ways that you can use to play mp3 files in linux. one way to install the codec pack linux. in addition you can also use VLC player can play for mp3 file.

how to install the Codec Pack and VLC player is no different. first of all download Codec Pack or VLC player. file that you downloaded in the form of a ZIP file. therefore we must extract it first.

 There are two ways :

  1. open terminal - typing "unzip path/" - example : unzip /home/husnu/
  2. right click file - extract here. 
nb : if file type is tar.gz, use that ways :
  1. open terminal - typing "tar -xvf path/file_name.tar.gz" - example : tar -xvf /home/husnu/vlc-1.9-Offline-Installer.tar.gz
  2. right click file - extract here.
than locate the file how to install it also has two ways. as follows :
  1. open terminal - typing "sudo sh path/" - example : sudo sh /home/husnu/vlc-1.9-Offline-Installer/ - insert your root password - wait process instalation.
  2. double click the file - click Run In Terminal - wait process instalation.
 installation is complete and mp3 files can be played. thank :)

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