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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Remove Navbar Blogger Permanent

we already know that some bloggers do not like the navbar at the top of the blog. with a variety of reasons they wanted to remove the navbar. and maybe we have understood about one way of eliminating the navbar. namely by providing css display: none or visibility: hidden on navbar id selector. how these can indeed eliminate the navbar. more precisely the way it used to hide the navbar instead of removing them.

Next I had a way to completely remove the navbar in blogger permanently. a benefit if we remove the navbar permanently are:
- Parse load blog
- Make the blog more SEO-friendly

how to remove navbar following permanently:

1. loggin to blogger.
2. click Design - Edit HTML.
3. Find ]]>
4. place the following code after the code ]]>.

<script type='text/javascript'>

5. Save Template
6. Finish

very simple right? I hope this article is very useful for us all. thank bloggers.
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Network Monitoring Software

protecting the valuable information it is very important. much less information is highly confidential for many people. on a network term that hackers and others familiar things. is therefore very important for us to keep the information we have on the network with network monitoring software.

network monitoring software is usually used to check or Monitor state-owned network that any data sent to the destination and the absence of data theft is often called by sniffing. therefore the network monitoring software can also save the data we have from hackers or sniffer.

I do not know how the network monitoring software which is great to use but maybe I have a bit of advice / recommendation from me on behalf of the network monitoring software. there are 2 network monitoring software that you can use.

1. Net Tools 5

Net tools 5 is a network monitoring software that I have a lot of features. so complete network monitoring software also has features that lead to hacking equipment. very friendly interface that makes us easy to use. please your own experiment with this network monitoring software.

2. MyLanViewer

MyLanViewer is a network monitoring software that also allow you to monitor your network. MyLanViewer you can use for network scanner and IP monitor for your network. This software is suitable for you who are in the development of network science like me. as well as network monitoring software that had been MylanViewer also have a user-friendly interface. so it is very easy for you to try yourself.

hopefully useful for you. thank you very much and good luck.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anti Spam Appliance

everyone would know what it is email. email millions scattered in the Internet network. some say 75% of the emails that we get is spam. What do you know what it is spam? spam is the use of electronic equipment to transmit messages in repeatedly without desired by the owner. and spam it like garbage. is not very useful for us. how do I fix this? we can try to use anti-spam appliance. following some anti-spam appliance that you can try.

--- for email users ---

1, - For users of POP3 Mail.

So far this is the easiest and effective solution for anyone with a POP3 email ID. For example is a web-based service that takes all your emails for you and send you only email from the email IDs of pre-authenticated by you. This means, no one cansend email you unless you give prior permission.

2 SpamPal, -. The Desktop Solutions SpamPal is a program that sits between your email client and your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it.
Any email messages that SpamPal will consider to be trash "tag" with a special header; you simply configure your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and Spam will not be mixed with the rest of your email anymore!

--- for website owners ---

1 Form Encoder, - Simple Solution for Webmasters.

One way to protect yourself is to "encode" your address, Form encoder will encrypt your email address and convert it to JavaScript, hiding from robots harvesting email crawlthe web address for the affected.

Simply copy and paste this JavaScript into your web page where you want to email it to appear.

2 Teachers spambot Buster, -. A CGI Solution Researching Teacher spambot Buster stops robots harvesting email addresses from your web page. But this script is nothing more than that! It really stopped harvesting email addresses from:
This is a great software released by

3 NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder - Desktop Solutions

This program searches for email addresses both from all your web pages or single pages and encode them all in a matter of minutes automatically. HTML coding and no pure Java is used.
You do not need to be technically savvy to use it because it automatically insert code into your web page. In 2 minutes you can completely encrypt all your web pages.

-- good luck --
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Packet Tracer Tutorial

Packet Tracer Tutorial
packet tracer tutorial is here. packet tracer tutorial here, although not perfect, but with time I will complete this blog with a lot of tutorial packet tracer. packet tracer is software that helps us in designing a network. packet tracer tutorial so this may be needed by some people who are learning the network or packet tracer.

packet tracer tutorial here can be found in tracer. hopefully this useful tutorial packet tracer

search for :

tutorial packet tracer

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